There is no one true path, save your own.

The Church of Radcliffe was established on June 1, 1998 in Reno, Nevada; and has since spread it's brand of ministry across the United States and into Europe to make ourselves a truly global church. Since our inception we have sought to harness the inter-webs and position ourselves as an eChurch; that we may bring joy and merriment to all. We are a secular-minded church with a BYOR (Bring Your Own Religion) philosophy. Radcliffians emphasise fellowship and congregation over matters dogma and theism.

The Church

The Clergy

The Congregation

We welcome all into our congregation who share in our ideals. There are many paths and we each have our own to walk; but we need not undertake our journeys in isolation.

Keep the Church Strong

Every Church needs to make a living. Its sad, but true. You can help support the Church of Radcliffe through shopping. Proceeds cover operating expenses, such as web-hosting, while support in excess of these costs facilitate Church functions and programs. It's either this or we start passing bronze platters around to guilt you into donating.

Get Your Radcliffe Gear

Show your Radcliffian Pride and help support your church. Visit our CafePress store for Church-branded merchandise. All proceeds support the Church of Radcliffe.

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Everything you buy at via this link will help support the Church of Radcliffe. You shop there anyway, so why not help us?

Church Services

Reno Congregation

We are the First Congregation of Radcliffe. Information for services and functions localized to the Reno area will be found here.

Absolution of Sin

To sin is to err, and to err is human. We are all guilty of sin, of missing the mark. If we learn from this, it is worthwhile. Sins are forgiven. Let us cleanse you of your burden.

Ceremonial Officiates

We have legally ordained ministers able to officiate a variety of ceremonies. Learn more about how we can help with your special event.