The Church

So then, you may be asking, what is the Church of Radcliffe all about? We hold that life itself is cause enough for celebration and therefore our services are always centered on celebration and fellowship. Good times, with good company. Get up, get out, and simply BE. This is the Radcliffian Way. Whether religious or spiritual concerns enter this is entirely up to you.

The Radcliffian Experience

The Reverend Rody Dowd, Founder and Pastor of our Holy Church once decreed "The Radcliffian Experience is one of joy and staring down the double-barrel [shotgun] of life." Brother Kyle has said that Radcliffe "puts the RAD back in Church." We welcome everyone, no matter what walk of life you hail from. We encourage all people to live their lives according to their own edicts. We believe that one's religious experience is both sacred and (more importantly) personal. Our clergy is there for those who need it. The fellowship of our Church is there for those who need it. Those who have no such need are under no obligation to seek it. Everyone who encounters the Church of Radcliffe takes what they will from the experience. What you get from the Church is unique and shaped by no one but your own self.

We hold as true the belief that there is no one true path. It is for you to decide which path is true for you. We will offer guidance to those who seek it, but we will not pass judgement on your choices provided you respect the sovereign rights of your fellow Radcliffians. You are free to believe, worship, venerate, experience life in any manner you see fit. We only ask that you respect the rights of others to do the same.

We put the emphasis on LIFE. We expect you to live yours to the fullest of your ability. Find that which brings you joy, and the Church will support you in your endeavors to achieve bliss. In the words of Albert Camus, You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.

The Doctrine of Radcliffe

Our codified set of beliefs at the Church of Radcliffe is both simple and elegant:

There is no one true path, save your own.

There is a Hindu saying about a mountain which has many paths to its summit. Some paths are perilous. Some are steep. Some cut straight up the mountain, while others meander back and forth in shallower climb. There are many people who walk these paths to reach the summit. Some walk quickly, others take a leisurely stroll. Yet the only one of them who is wasting their time is the one who keeps running around and around the mountain telling everyone else which path is the best one to take.

The Church of Radcliffe is a secular institution in that we do not hold any particular set of beliefs, except in how one should be able to conduct their spirtual and religous affairs, and live their own lives. Whatever you believe--whatever you do not--is yours and yours alone to discover, embrace, and explore.

This individuality should not devoid you of the friendship and fellowship your Church-going friends and family enjoy. The human need for connection, expressed through community, exists in some degree in all of us. For those who seek to fulfil that need in a positive environment, the Church of Radcliffe was formed.